Restaurant Gordon Ramsay- 3 Michelin Stars

Chef: Clare Smyth

Situated on Royal Hospital Road, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, is away from the city centre but I suppose if you have 3 Michelin stars the customers will come to you. Which of course we did.

We had an early lunch reservation, at midday, and actually arrived slightly early. The restaurant however did not open its doors until a few minutes after midday leaving us loitering unfashionable outside along with another couple who also had a midday booking. I do take the view that any restaurant should open its doors fifteen minutes before the time of the first table booking. Once inside however the restaurant is lovely and the staff were fantastic.

The staff were in fact impeccable and we experienced the best service to date. The maitre d was simply excellent. The staff, under his watchful eye, had a curious ability to judge exactly the moment to speak, serve or offer more drinks. The champagne cocktails were of course lovely and the G&Ts were also perfect.

The food was beautiful and delicious and the cheese trolley is stunning. We have never failed to be impressed by Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants and his flagship eatery, perhaps unsurprisingly did not disappoint.

In summary it is clear to see why this restaurant has three Michelin stars. Without doubt it is the best restaurant we have been to. I would thoroughly recommend it but I would perhaps pre warn you that food and service this good don’t come cheap so don’t forget your Amex.

Rating 10/10.


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