Wright Brothers (Spitalfields)

June 2016

Chef: Richard Kirkwood

In all honesty I was in two minds as to whether this restaurant warrants a review as part of this blog, it certainly isn’t fine dining however it is fairly famous so I decided that it does.

We visited at lunchtime for oysters and champagne. The restaurant has a varied menu including raw and cooked fish but it was the oysters we came for and so it was oysters we chose.

The restaurant offers eight varieties of oysters at varying prices and a rock oyster selection which allows you to try them all. This is a real treat for oyster lovers, which lucky the whole table was as we ordered two large platters and then a few more besides. We very much enjoyed all the oysters we tried and were impressed by the selection.

We did also choose a few ‘carbs’ to soak up the bubbles in the form of some potatoes and breads which were nice but I can’t comment on the rest of the menu.

In summary if you enjoy your oysters this is a great place to try different varieties side by side to really decide which you like best. If you don’t like oysters, well there are plenty of other dishes to try here and maybe this is the place to give them another try?






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