Lima – 1 Michelin Star

June 2016

Chef: Robert Ortiz

This was my first visit to a Peruvian restaurant so I was excited and intrigued to try both the cuisine and this Michelin starred restaurant.

The setting of the restaurant, decor and staff, is fairly informal with a cafe-style feel.

The menu included some interesting elements which I had not seen before although most of the fish and meat is familiar with the unfamiliar elements added as accompaniments. That being so I chose the cobra fish to start as I was keen to try something unusual which I enjoyed.

For the main I chose black cod and my companion chose the beef. These were both enjoyable and the presentation was good; the dishes are quite pretty here.

We enjoyed the wine, I was pleased to find some Peruvian wine on the wine list and of course we had to try some.

The food was certainly very nice and it was interesting to try something different however although I like this restaurant it does not feel like a Michelin starred restaurant. When compared to other restaurants with a single star I don’t feel that this place is quite of the same standard. The food although very good was not exceptional and we felt that perhaps there was a certain amount of novelty factor which had resulted in the restaurant being awarded this accolade. I strongly suspect that another restaurant of the same standard offering a more traditional cuisine would not have a Michelin star.

In summary this restaurant is certainly different and I don’t have any particular criticism of the food. If you are keen to try Peruvian cuisine this is definetly a good place to visit but otherwise I would suggest there are other, superior, restaurants nearby.

Rating: 5/10



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