Savoy Grill

October 2013

Chef: Stuart Gillies

If you haven’t been to The Savoy you should. It has all the grandeur and splendour of the best London hotels. I love the black and white chequered floor and the fire in the lobby. On a cold Autumn afternoon this is such a lovely place to be. I think the atmosphere is somewhere inbetween Claridges and The Ritz. Less glitz than the Ritz (although there could hardly be more) but more of a large hotel feel than Claridges.

The Savoy Grill is a fairly informal restaurant designed for more low-key dining and maintains a relaxed, muted glamour. The food is high quality – typical of the sort of food you find a Gordon Ramsey’s less high end restaurants. (The restaurant is part of Gordon Ramsey’s group.) This is not small plate dining, this is top quality comfort food. Oysters, steak, creamed spinach, that sort of thing. We shared oysters, with G&Ts (they were good too), and while I had fish of the day, Mr M opted for a mixed grill.

This is easy dining, not challenging or pretentious and it is pleasing to think of Winston Churchill or Marylin Monroe having been previous diners.

We didn’t have wine, reeling slightly as we were, after spending the afternoon drinking in The American Bar. The American Bar is a must. Truth be told I have had better cocktails than those I have had here but the cocktail menu is unique and there is just something about the place, with its wonderful old-school charm, which makes it irresistible not to have at least one cocktail.

In summary don’t go here when you want to wear your best dress while eating the best food in the capital. But do go here when you want a quiet romantic meal or a catch-up with friends and a quality steak. And make sure you leave time for a cocktail while you are in the building too.

Rating 9/10


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